Pre-lit 7' Heavy Snow Pine Tree
Pre-lit 7' Heavy Snow Pine Tree

Pre-lit 7' Heavy Snow Pine Tree

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Another stunning tree. 

Compared to our other flocked trees, this one has a heavier flocking on it, making the branches look heavier as if there was a heavy snow fall overnight. 

The branches of this tree are designed to lay flatter than our other range of trees, but as you can see it has a fuller look to it while also allowing for spaces to hang your decorations nicely within the tree itself.

This tree comes pre-lit with warm 500 LED lights already attached, so that will save you having to light the tree yourself. With that said, this tree would look stunning with festoon lights added to it (just a little decorators tip for you).

Lay-buy Available

Contact us and we can set up a lay-buy plan for you

Please Note: 

  • Our snow covered trees are covered if Flocking. Flocking is sprayed on to the trees to give them their realistic winter snowy look. It is normal for some flocking to come off the trees when they're being put up.
  • The flocked tree is not part of our Instant Shape Christmas tree range.