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The branches of our Instant Shape trees are made of strong memory wire which allows the branches to bounce back into position year after year. With our Instant Shape trees you can have them up and ready to decorate in less than 5 minutes!

    Here is a video of Cyndy putting up one of our Instant Shape Colorado trees, and another video showing how easy it is to pack away.

    Putting up our Instant Shape Trees


    Putting away our Instant Shape Trees

    Here's just how good our Christmas Trees are:

    In 2017, a customer of many years made the decision to downsize their home and because of this, they couldn't take their beloved Christmas tree and decorations with them. So when we opened for the season in 2017, they popped in to gift us their tree, the original decorations and the original set of lights which were still in perfect working order, all of which they purchased from us in 1989!

    We now proudly display the Christmas Tree in our store every year.

    Can you believe that this tree is 30 years old?

    1980 Christmas Tree